Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gallery View

Here we see two additional works from the same period, hanging in a gallery in Berkeley, part of a show titled "Eccentric Imagery", which traveled to France.  


To give a sense of scale, the nearby statue of a man is about five feet high.

Long-time Sala aficionados will spot the same composition in one of the works (titled "The Big Question") that would appear a short time later as the cover of Sala's book Hypnotic Tales.  Not to mention an appearance of another continuing Sala obsession:  the girl detective.

Above -- The Big Question being packaged up for the show.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Another Shock

For Sale: $600.

Hate Mail

For Sale: $600.

Senselessly Cruel

For Sale: $600.


Moved By Spirits

For Sale: $600.

Under Observation

For Sale: $600.

The Thin Line

For Sale: $600.


All Through The Night

In a Strange Place


The Animal Dance

For Sale: $500.

The Ringer

For Sale: $500.